About Me


I bring over 10 years of experience to help develop working and efficent pipelines for game development.  I have experience with rig set up, pipeline work flow, asset management, automation, asset implimentation, asset optimization and scripting.  I have experience working with both hand keyed animation and MoCap, including MocCap studio setup.  I've done a little bit of everything in the past so I can comunicate to both artists and developers to understand both their needs and communicate across departments.  In my past I've worked for companies like Microsoft, Disney, Google and more.

Other Interest

When I'm not working on (or playing) games, I consider myself a Maker you likes to make things.  From tinkering with Arduino, to wood working, to modifying and customizing transformers, repairing electronics to figuring out how to just do something new I haven't done before by following some youtube video, I like to create new things and bring old things back to life by restoring them.