A Better Way To Orient Joints

How to orient joints by rotating them into place and transferring the value to the Joint Orient Attribute.SHOW MORE

How To Use a Joint As A Better IK Controller

This video covers how to use a joint as an animation control to give you better graph curves for translation and rotation when animating IK limbs.

Get World Position with the Decompose Matrix Utility Node

Sometimes you want to know the world rotation or translation position of an object instead of it's local position and use that to drive another object.  Well there's a utility node for that.  The Decompose Matrix will get the world position of an object and allow you to connect those values to the position of another objectSHOW MORE

How to Make a Tentacle Rig

In this video we cover how to start making an IK tentacle rig using an IK Spline, scaling using the arc length of the spline and how to manage the twisting.  While there are many options for making this we cover just a few and some of the thought involved behind those choices. 

Utility Nodes I Use For Rigging

After my video on the Decompose Matrix Utility node I had people asking what other utility nodes I use while rigging.  So this is a brief overview of the node I regularly use when rigging in Maya. 

How To Set Up Gear in Maya Using Gear Ratios

In this video we cover how to set up working gears.  The rigging is actually pretty simple.  Where most people go wrong is in how they build their gears from the start, so this video actually covers how to build gears that you can then rig to work as expected.